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Services and financing


  • Detailed Audit of the current lighting systems and installations.
  • Design of new lighting installations and systems for facilities: new constructions or existing buildings.
  • Feasibility study/proposal to upgrade the lighting system while reducing energy expenses.
  • Installation of the new lighting systems by our specialists with customized solutions tailored to our customer's needs.
  • Monitoring and maintenance of the new installations.



OLSUM JSC. undertakes in full the 100% financing of the investment for the procurement and replacement of the existing lighting materials of your company with LED lighting products. The client has no capital expenditures (CAPEX), as repayments of the investment in LED technology are fully covered by your immediate energy savings and reduced energy consumption.


The total cost of procurement / installation is repaid in interest-free monthly installments. The installments are determined based on the energy saving achieved. Our program’s advantage is that it facilitates the conversion of wasted energy to green energy with no budgetary burdens for the client company.

Calculation of the installment is simple and straight forward:

The installment is equal to the 80% of the cost saved through the new reduced energy consumption
LED repayment+new electricity consumption
  • As billed after the replacement
should be equal to or less than
Previous electricity consumption
  • As billed before the replacement
The client saves 20% of the cost in € from the very first day


From the very first operating moment our clients have the following benefit:

  • Zero CAPEX costs required for the investment
  • The lighting network is immediately upgraded
  • The operating expenses (OPEX) are immediately reduced
  • Maintenance costs of the company are significantly reduced as a result of the LED lamps long life
  • Immediate 20% profit from energy savings during repayment period.
  • 100% profit from energy saving after repayment and for the rest of the LED lamps life expectancy
  • Your savings get even better if in the future as the price per kilowatt-hour will certainly increase
  • Reduction of the company’s carbon dioxide (CO2) footprint