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Proposal for the 100% financing of the replacement
of your conventional energy-wasting lighting
network with led technology products and costs to be paid by your energy savings

Today saving energy and protecting the environment through the use of increasingly energy efficient solutions has been in the center of most important government and private undertakings. The present global economic recession and the international concerns of energy conservation, energy consumption and global warming have caused companies as well as domestic users the need to reassess their position towards these targets. During the current recession a re-evaluation of technologies has occurred and together with an optimization of the return on investment and minimization of capital expenditures (CAPEX) one can easily reach his desired savings goals. OLSUM, through its unique marketplace approach has developed a proven financing-programme to assist its clients in achieving energy saving. Furthermore, having a drastic approach for minimizing energy consumption it wishes to help reduce global warming at a ZERO CAPEX cost for the companies. This unique approach has also the important advantage of allowing the client companies to invest more capital company funds on their core businesses and thus improve their competitive position in all sectors.

  1. Best quality and high technology products
  2. High quality / savings product ratio
  3. High environmental awareness
  4. Deep knowledge of the products

U save 20%

of the cost in €
from the very first day!

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The replacement of the conventional energy-wasting lighting network of a large company with LED lighting technology results immediately to an up to 93% reduction of energy consumption as well as a significant savings from the first operating moment. OLSUM focuses in energy conservation in compliance with the EU directives.


OLSUM undertakes in full the 100% financing of the investment for the procurement and replacement of the existing lighting materials of your company with LED lighting products. The client has no capital expenditures (CAPEX), as repayment of the investment in LED technology are fully covered by your immediate energy savings and reduced energy consumption.


The total cost of procurement / installation is repaid ininterest-free monthly installments. The installments are determined based on the energy saving achieved. Our program's advantage is that it facilitates the conversion of wasted energy to green energywith no budgetary burdens for the client company


OLSUM and Energy Saving Program
  • Up to 93% reduction in electricity consumption, resulting in a direct reduction of the fixed operating costs of the client company
  • Olsum products have a life expectancy of 30.000 to 100.000 hours, depending upon the lamp you order. This is about 20x more than conventional illumination systems
  • This alone greatly reduces all maintenance and replacement costs (CAPEX) for the company
  • Olsum lights are environmentally “green” with a 98% reduction in CO2 emissions
  • The client’s company acquires high-quality illumination that is not only bright and healthy in the range of 5.000 kelvin, but also environmentally friendly and cost effective
  • Results: better working and environmental conditions as well as greater opportunities for capital investment
OLSUM has combined environmental responsibility with economic feasibility providing the best solution in the market. OLSUM is prepared to finance clients that are ready and willing to step in to the future, but do not wish to lock up their own capital. Clients have the opportunity to harvest the modern LED technology benefits without the burden of additional operating expenses.


OLSUM has invested in direct cooperation (JV) with significant industries in Europe and Asia possessing high technology and know-how products and IS participating not only in production, but also in Research and Development (RnD), in a way that covers not only current needs in lighting, but also designs the future steps for their technological evolution. OLSUM has the ability to offer solutions for highly specialized demands of large corporate clients, as for example ports, airports, railways etc.
OLSUM has the ability to offer you the 100% of top market products financing program at the best prices and highest profitability for your company.